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Wedding Photography Options

This is a sample of our wedding photography options list that is included in our bridal folders. It is a check list of optional portraits that is completed by our brides and grooms to ensure that we get the portraits they want and it helps us to be quick and precise on the wedding day. If you are one of our current brides and need a replacement please email us and we will send a complete options list.The wedding party may need to arrive at the church up to 3 hours before the ceremony depending on the number options chosen and the amount of people in your wedding party. Allow time before the wedding for each shot chosen in the first three sections. There are approximately 124 total options. It is helpful to read over all options before choosing. Please list any portraits that are not listed and include names.Portraits options on this page are all taken before the ceremony.1. Preparation Portraits: Up to 2 Hours of ShotsBridesmaids helping bride Maid of honor helping bride Bride putting on garter with bridesmaids looking onBride putting on shoes, veil, dress (circle)Bride in dressing room with mirrorBrides accessoriesBrides jewelry close to windowWedding dress on hangerBack of dress on brideShots of the inside of the church or building and decorations Shots of the outside of the church / building Groom and groomsmen preparing for ceremonyBride and groom with door in betweenBest man adjusting grooms tiePortrait of mother and bride Portrait of father and bridePortrait of bride with both parentsBrother and sisters of brideBride pinning corsage on mother or grandmother (circle)Bride pinning flower on father or grandfather (circle) 2.Bride: Prior to ceremony. (30-40 minutes)Solo of brideIndividuals of bride with each bridesmaids and maid of honorBride with ring bearerBride with ring bearer and flower girlsBride with flower girl/s (together or individually) circleBride with flower girl/s looking at bride and holding hands, hugging (circle)Bride with flower girl sitting holding on to edge of bride’s gownBride with bridesmaids & maid of honor (formal)Bride with bridesmaids & maid of honor, flower girls & ring bearer (formal)Bride with bridesmaids & maid of honor holding out bouquets, then looking at bride (fun)Bridesmaids & maid of honor around bride (sitting in chair), bending close to bride, with bouquet around brideIndividuals of bride with groomsmen, best man Bride with groomsmen & best man (formal - fun) please circle Additional shots with bride:______________________________________________ 3. Groom: Prior to ceremony (20-30 minutes) Groom soloIndividuals of groom with groomsmen & best manGroom with ring bearerGroom with best man, groomsmen & ring bearer (formal)Groomsmen holding groom horizontally (fun shot) Groom and groomsmen & best man with arms folded or sunglasses (fun/ fish eye lens)Individuals of groom with bridesmaids, maid of honor, flower girl/s (please circle)Groom with bridesmaids & maid of honorIndividuals of groom with mother, father, minister (circle) & ________________________________Additional shots with groom:________________________________________________________ 8